The top drink recipes every bartender should know!
+++ Customer Service and Job Interview skills

Action Bartending School Bartending Class Information

​Action Bartending School provides hands on training behind a real bar that will give you the skills and confidence to start your bartending career.  Each student is given their own fully stocked Bar Station to practice the actual process of bartending.  

Our Students spend the majority of their time in class at their own station learning hands on & practicing the science of Mixology.  

It's like on the job training!  CALL NOW FOR UPCOMING CLASSES (770) 300 - 8998

Course Information

Additional Classes Offered Include: (see below)

Amateur Mixology Workshop $119 (2 hr class)

Brief intro followed by hands on training where students will get to practice their skills behind the bar. 

Classes great for :

  • Birthday Parties 
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Networking
  • Ladies Get together/Parties

So, the next time someone asks you if you can hold your liquor, tell them "Hold it? I can mix it too!" 

Must be 18 yrs +
Group Discount on 10 or more.

Wine 101 $119  (2 hr class)

  • A background review of wine including history, process & breakdown of components.
  • A comparison of wines, flavor profiles, how to recognize them. 
  • Wine regions of importance.
  • Wine Vocabulary.
  • Food and Wine Pairing, ordering wine in a restaurant and navigating through a wine shop confidently.

What you will learn

  • Liquor, Wine, Beer History

Your training begins with a brief overview of the distill processes of wine, beer and liquor.  Also you will learn about the liquors you will be working with, basic understanding of wine service, tasting, and the differences between wines and different types of beer categories.

  • Bar Set Up and Equipment

You will be trained behind a real working bar.  Every thing is real at our bartending school except the garnishes & liquor. You will learn how to set up a  bar work station and use all the bartending tools and equipment.

  • Mixology

You’ll learn over 100 drink recipes.  Our instructors will instruct you on how to make the drinks while you practice making them behind the bar. This part of the training teaches you the principles of mixology.

  • Speed Techniques

In this section of our bartending school training, you learn how to prepare multiple drink orders quickly and accurately.

  • Fruit and Garnishes

You will learn what fruit and garnishes are use for tropical and specialty cocktails.

  • Customer Service

You will learn what to and what not to do when providing service. Learning how to give good service equals good tips!

  • Alcohol Awareness

You learn to serve alcohol with care and awareness. Many states now require bartenders to have this training.